A map that shows the whole family.

uKnowFamily connects you
to the people who matter most.

Best of all? It’s completely free.

Family location alerts. Made for any moment.

  • uKnowFamily can send location alerts like “David is not at school.”
  • Create location alerts for anyone and any place, such as “Dad has left work.”
  • Tailor alerts for each place and each family member. You’re in control.

Location history. Parenting just got smarter.

  • Need to make sure everyone’s on track? We’ve got you covered.
  • See up-to-the-minute, 30-day location history for any family member.
  • Need to reach out? Send a text message, email or call with one tap.

Checking in is easy.
Just tap ‘Touch Base.’

  • Dependents have a special view in uKnowFamily made just for them.
  • Tapping “Touch Base” sends caregivers a message with their current location.
  • If you allow it, dependents can also see your location on the map.

uKnowFamily. Part of the uKnowKids parental toolbox.

With uKnowKids, you can monitor your child’s texts, photos, social media, phone calls and more.

Our digital parenting e-book is free. (Just like uKnowFamily.)

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